Festivals & Events

Festival & Event Photography

RMC have been photographing festivals all over the country for almost a decade. We work with festival organisers, event planners, artists and crew ranging from small, local daily events to weekend-long, multi-stage festivals with tens of thousands of people. Our unique style of image capture offers a perfect blend of acts, staff and attendees, capturing digital photographs that are almost timeless in value.

Our accredited press photographers have direct connections to all UK national newspaper news desks, as well as industry-leading worldwide photography agencies, allowing us to ensure your event gets the press and media coverage you need. With the ability to send a photograph to every single newspaper news desk in as little as 3 minutes after shooting, you won’t find a faster route to coverage! We can also download photographs directly to our clients smartphone in real time, allowing a constant stream of social media images and video to be posted within minutes.

We understand that different acts and crew have ranging requirements when it comes to photography, and we’re highly experienced in dealing with the “do’s and don’ts” from artists, however last minute.

As well as ground photography, RMC hold PfCO, OSC & A2 CofC aerial permissions from the Civil Aviation Authority, allowing us to fly drones (with appropriate safety measures in place) closer to crowds than any other UK commercial drone operator.